Ngaangk Talks

17 February 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Duration 1h
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Perth Festival
Ngaangk Talks

Hear the stories of eight extraordinary Australians brought to life in a staged reading by a diverse cast of eight Perth women. I’m With Her is a timely and immensely powerful play about real women dealing with sexism in the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

Written by Walkley Award winner Victoria Midwinter Pitt from frank and intimate conversations with eight extraordinary women, it features the words of counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly MP, sex worker activist Julie Bates, botanist Marion Blackwell, world champion surfer Pam Burridge, bartender Nikki Keating, Catholic nun Patricia Madigan, anthropologist and Indigenous leader Marcia Langton, and Australia’s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard, all told by local performers. Together these women light up the golden thread that runs right through the patriarchy, and may yet be its undoing – the strengths women use to keep turning up to our own lives: Guts. Defiance. Wit. Acute emotional intelligence. Genius instincts for strategy and timing. And a healthy appetite for counterattack.

I’m With Her is a celebration of women fighting back, surviving and never giving up. It is a thrilling real-life demonstration, by the ultimate girl gang, of the power of women to outlast, outwit and out-muscle the great ugly beast of sexism.

Come to UWA Somerville before the show for Ngaangk Talks a free series of performance-imbued discussions centred on Ngaangk, matriarchal power and environmental sustainability.