Frequently Asked Questions

Buying tickets

I've enabled cookies, but I still can't book tickets.
If you're still having trouble, try booking here. If you're booking for a private event this link won't work - please call us and we'll help you out.

Is there a booking charge?
ticketsWA believes that the price you pay should be the ticket price and no more. If you book online and print your own tickets, there are no booking charges. If you contact us to book a wheelchair space, or need to make a group booking (minimum group size varies per event), there are also no booking charges.
We will make a charge of $5 per transaction for exchanges, or for making a booking on your behalf.

I don't have a Visa or Mastercard
We're sorry, but ticketsWA only accepts Visa or Mastercard. We don't accept American Express or EFTPOS cards. Most event promoters will sell remaining tickets at the event, and usually accept cash.

My browser times out when I try to buy tickets
Like most online ticketing systems, ticketsWA relies on cookies being allowed. Your security settings may be set so high that cookies are being blocked. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and reduce your setting from Block All Cookies to High. In Chrome, go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies and select either Allow local data or Keep local data. In Safari go to Preferences > Privacy and choose a cookies option that isn't Allows block.

Is my purchase secure? 
Yes. Because the purchasing process is held in a frame within the web page your browser may not display the padlock symbol, but the web traffic associated with your purchase is still handled through HTTPS. Don't take our word for it: you can book here without the ticketsWA frame - when you reach the page for your card number, you'll see the padlock in the address bar. (Chrome may show a page icon: click on it to see the green padlock.) Private events not publicly listed on include a link in their description where you can confirm your purchase is secure.

I need to find out something about the venue I'm going to
Find your venue on the Advanced Search page, or click on the blue VENUE DETAILS button on the page describing your event. If the venue description doesn't tell you what you need to know, and there are no venue contact details to ask them direct, contact us.

I don’t have an email address
You need an email address to receive your tickets. If a friend has an email address and a printer they'll let you use, enter their email address when purchasing. Otherwise call us and we can arrange for your tickets to be waiting for you on the door just before the event begins.

Something went wrong with my online booking
Email us on with full details of the problem, or call our Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Some old browsers, like Internet Explorer 6, may struggle. We suggest using either the latest Chrome or Safari browsers. 

I can't get the interactive seating plan to work
The seating plan needs your browser to handle HTML5. Some old browsers, like Internet Explorer 6, may struggle. Now is the time to upgrade! We suggest using either the latest Chrome or Safari browsers.

No one is answering the Ticket Enquiry Line
We may be unable to answer your call because of the number of other calls coming in. Please try again – when you do speak to a representative let them know you had trouble getting through.

Someone in my party is coming in a wheelchair – how do I book?
Wheelchair positions cannot be booked online. Please call the Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday. We’ll take your booking over the phone and there will be no booking charges.

I need to buy a larger number of tickets than the website allows – what do I do?
Please call the Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday. We’ll take your group booking and there will be no booking charges. 

Getting my tickets

My tickets haven’t arrived!
You should receive an email with your ticket(s) attached as a PDF. When it seems the email hasn’t arrived, there are a few possibilities:

  • Mostly it’s because the email has been intercepted by spam filters and placed in spam or junk folders. Check those folders and mark ticketsWA as a trusted sender to stop this happening again.
  • Check your email service is working – send yourself an email and see if it gets through.
  • Check you entered your email address exactly right when you bought the tickets by signing in, and looking up your booking.

If all this doesn't work, get in touch with us on or call the Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Make sure you give us as much information about your purchase as possible as that will help us solve the problem.

I'm having trouble printing my tickets
Tickets are sent out as Adobe PDFs (portable document format). If your computer can't open a PDF, install Adobe’s Reader program.

I don’t have a printer
We can print your tickets and have them waiting for you on the door, just before your event begins. Call the Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday and we will handle your transaction manually. There will be a handling charge for this service.

Coming to the event

Can I buy tickets over the counter?
ticketsWA is an online service only. Often, an hour before an event starts, a box office counter at the venue will open to handle that event's ticketing, run by the event organiser. This counter won’t offer advance sales for other performances or events.

When I come to the show, can I present my tickets on my phone?
Yes you can show us your tickets on your phone.

I can’t find my tickets – what do I do?
For reserved seating events it is easy to reprint tickets if you can provide ID that matches the details you provided when you originally booked. Reprinted tickets automatically invalidate the original ticket. If you did not buy the ticket online or on the Ticket Enquiry Line, or the show is unreserved, it may not be possible to replace a lost or stolen ticket.

I have a very young child – can I bring them?
Generally, children aged 3 and over must have a paid ticket unless specified otherwise on the event. Children under the age of 3 may be admitted for free and without a ticket provided they do not occupy a seat and are held on the lap of an adult. However, for childrens’ shows the age threshold may be lower – check the show’s booking details. For the 2019 AWESOME Festival, all children aged 2 and over must have a ticket. 

Not coming to the event

How do I get a refund?
Please review your event, date and time choices carefully before making your booking as refunds are generally not available. In exceptional circumstances a refund may be given, and these are described in Live Performance Australia’s Code of Practice for the Ticketing of Live Events in Australia.

Can I exchange my tickets?
Tickets can usually be exchanged between performances of the same event, incurring a $5 handling fee. Call our Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

After the event

I’ve left something behind at the event I went to. What do I do?
Please click here, to be redirected to our lost property page.

I’m not happy about the way my ticket purchase has been handled
We’re always trying to offer the best possible ticket-buying experience and always want to hear from our customers about their own experience, good or bad. Get in touch with us on or call the Ticket Enquiry Line on 08 6488 2440 between noon and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

I want to get in touch with the organiser of an event, can you put me in touch?
ticketsWA is not responsible for the events for which it sells tickets and we’re not able to provide contact details. Generally, the event promoter is easily found online and you should approach them directly.


I have tickets but can't attend for a COVID-19-related reason.
Thank you for putting the community first and electing not to attend. Read your options in the Terms and Conditions. Refunds are not available if the performance is going ahead and are not available after the event.

I'm concerned about the safety of attending an event.
Your health and safety is our top priority. Every venue has detailed plans covering every aspect of your visit - read about them here.

What will happen to my contact details?
If you have provided details for contact tracing, they will be destroyed 30-60 days after you provide them. These details are stored securely and will not be used for any other purpose.