Got an Event?

Some online ticketing services can be daunting. We try not to be. 

We offer a simple-to-understand service underpinned with huge power. There are many features of ticketsWA, including:

Interactive seat maps Even the most complex venue can be represented on screen and give your patrons a detailed understanding of exactly what they're buying.

Simple pricing We charge a fixed price for each ticket sold. Our credit card charges to you are exactly what we are charged - currently an incredibly low 1%. There are a few other services we offer with easy-to-understand costs, and overall we pride ourselves on a system which will give you complete predictability so you can budget your event with confidence.

Powerful marketing tools Amongst the many options available to you are promotional codes, subscription ticketing, sophisticated pricing structures and a range of ways of collecting valuable information about your patrons.

Reporting Live access to sales data 7-days-a-week and access to a range of sales and performance reports so you can see how your sales are going.

To find out more, contact us.