Terms and Conditions

The online service ticketsWA, ticketsWA.com and ticketsWA.com.au is operated and owned by the University Club of WA Pty Ltd (ABN 46100673603), trading as University Theatres.

All terms and conditions may be changed or modified at any time. By booking you agree that your purchase is governed by the most recent Terms and Conditions available at ticketsWA.com.

Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Refunds are generally not available except in exceptional circumstances which are outlined in Live Performance Australia’s Code of Practice for the Ticketing of Live Events in Australia. Transaction charges will not be refunded except at the discretion of ticketsWA. 

2. Tickets may be exchanged between performances of the same event, subject to availability and payment of a handling charge.

3. Management reserves the right to refuse admission and in such an event, the patron will oblige by any and all refund or cancellation policies as applicable.

4. Patrons may be asked for proof of concession status. Absence of proof will prevent admittance.

5. Latecomers may only be admitted at the discretion of the management at a convenient break in the program.

6. Management reserves the right to restrict the use of cameras and recording equipment.

7. ticketsWA sells tickets on behalf of event organisers who are responsible for their event. To the extent permitted by law, ticketsWA has no liability to you. All claims are the responsibility of the event organiser.

8. Event organisers reserve the right to modify the schedule, content, location, pricing, capacity and format of their event.

9. Unless with permission from ticketsWA, purchased tickets may not be re-sold above their face value. Such tickets may be cancelled without refund.

10. COVID-19: This policy is based on guidelines from Live Performance Australia.

Exchanges, Donations and Refunds:

Ticket holders in the below categories are to notify ticketsWA by email as soon as possible if they: 

  • develop any of the recognised symptoms of COVID-19;
  • are defined as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 and develop symptoms;
  • are required to self-isolate or quarantine (and the event falls within that isolation or quarantine period)

 Requests can include an exchange (including to a live stream option, if available), donation or refund

1. Requests for a remedy must be provided in writing prior to the event. 
2. Ticket holders must provide supporting medical documentation for a refund. Medical documentation is not required for an exchange or donation to the presenting company. 
3. If event was sold as live and shifts to only offering live stream, a full refund will be offered.

ticketsWA does not need to provide a remedy if a ticket holder: 

1. Is well and does not wish to attend an event due to fears of exposure to COVID-19; or 
2. Is unwell and does not attend an event (other than due to COVID-19 illness or symptoms); or 
3. Is from a group at a higher risk of COVID-19; or 
4. Is denied entry into the event for reasons which were disclosed to the ticket holder in the ticket terms and conditions at the time of sale. For example, these reasons may include (but not be limited to) unwillingness to provide personal contact information when requested. 
5. The ticket holder attends the performance and subsequently leaves part way through due to feeling unwell. 

Government-directed closures:

If an event is cancelled or rescheduled due to government directives, ticketsWA will follow the standard terms and conditions that were applicable at the time of ticket purchase. 

Ticket holders are able to donate the price paid for the ticket to the presenting company.

Terms and Conditions of using this site

1. By using this website you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t agree to these Terms and Conditions ticketsWA does not give permission for you to use this website.

2. You agree with the ticketsWA privacy policy available from ticketsWA.com.