Whitfeld Court

35 Stirling Highway Crawley WA 6009
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Whitfeld Court

Until 1941, all campus designs referred to Whitfeld Court as the Court of Honour, but in 1941 the University changed this to honour Professor Hubert Edwin Whitfeld’s dedication to and work at the University until his death in 1939.

Whitfield Court is located on the grassed area, in front of the Reflection Pond outside Winthrop Hall.

Wilkinson’s design for the University campus used the Court of Honour (later Whitfeld Court) to emphasise the main entrance of the University. As the prime approach to the University, Wilkinson used elements of symmetry and grand landscaping in the design to lend greater formality to this area. These elements have been largely preserved since the original laying out of the Court. Today, it continues to offer all visitors, old and new, an impressive approach to the University.

Whitfeld Court, with other University features such as Winthrop Hall, is permanently entered on the Register of Heritage Places.