UWA Photo Ticket

Weekends, Semester Breaks and some Term Week Days (exceptions apply)
1 Hour
UWA Photo Ticket

On-campus commercial photography for private use, whether by you or by a photographer you engage, requires a Photography Ticket. On the day, patrolling security staff will ask to see your Ticket.

Photography Tickets are available at weekends or semester breaks, and some Term time weekdays, when the University schedule allows. They are valid for 1 hour on a specific day and there is a cap on the number of Tickets issued each day.

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The Photography Frequently Asked Questions should be read before calling the ticketsWA enquiry line.

By purchasing a Photography Ticket you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions:

If you have any problems with your Photography Ticket, please email info@ticketsWA.com

The University of Western Australia is privileged to offer a unique and beautiful setting. Its grounds and many of its buildings are listed on the national heritage register. In welcoming you onto the campus we require you to respect our built and natural environment and to cooperate with other visitors, staff and students.

1) Your Photography Ticket
a) The Crawley campus is private property. Your Photography Ticket is your permit to take photographs on the University’s campus for the duration you have purchased on the date you have chosen.
b) Each Photography Ticket entitles you to one hour on campus. If you require more than one hour, you must purchase a ticket for each hour, or part-hour you need. For instance, two tickets are required for a 90-minute photography session.
c) Photography Tickets are only valid for the date selected. Please note that the time (12.01am or 5.30pm) on the permit is a default time. You are welcome to come on campus at any time on the date of your permit on weekends, and from 5.30pm onwards on weekdays (NB: Weekdays during semester breaks are exceptions whereby you are also welcome on the campus at any time on the date of your permit. Please see the 2020 Academic Year Calendar here).
d) Photography Tickets are non-refundable.
e) Photography Tickets are not offered during exams and on days where University activity takes precedence.
f) There are only a fixed number of Photography Tickets available each day.
g) You must present your Photography Ticket if requested by any member of University staff or security. Failure to present a valid Photography Ticket will lead to you being escorted from the campus unless one is purchased online immediately. If you are employing a commercial photographer, we may also ask for their ID.
h) The person named on the Photography Ticket will be held responsible for ensuring that these Terms and Conditions are met.

2) Your Photography Session
a) The Sunken Garden and Tropical Grove are not available for photography sessions unless associated with a wedding ceremony booking.
b) You may not enter any buildings, ponds, beds of vegetation, or climb any trees. You may use lawns, colonnades, walkways and balconies that can be accessed without entering buildings.
c) In accordance with University bylaws you must not distress any wildlife on campus, including ducks and peacocks.
d) You will cooperate with all other users of the campus, which may include other holders of Photography Tickets.
e) You are expected to use common sense to maintain your own safety and the safety of others. The University has bodies of water, slopes, low branches and some uneven surfaces connected to heritage environments. Please take care.
f) You may not connect any electrical equipment to any power sources.
g) On days where Photography Tickets are available the University may still schedule events which may conflict with your plans. There is no guarantee that a specific location will be available.
h) NO confetti, rose petals or rice are to be thrown on University grounds. Litter must be placed in the bins provided. A fee for cleaning or repair will be levied if an area is left in an unsatisfactory condition.
i) To comply with WA licensing laws no alcohol can be consumed. Use carbonated soft drinks as a substitute.
j) You must only park in marked bays and comply with University parking regulations, including parking charges.