29 October 6:30pm
Duration 2hr including 20 min interval
Tickets $50
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Elan Dance Est. presents

Who would you be if you had the freedom to unmask?

Masks. We wear them every day, without a thought for what they cost, without a thought for how they diminish our authentic selves. From waking each morning to don the mask of belief that working 9-5 is the only path to success, to the mask required to accept the involuntary relationship status that can be forced onto young children too oppressed to say no, masks reduce us all.

Some might argue conformity is required for humanity’s progression but we’re here to offer a different perspective. One which requires expanded views of what the norm can be, as means of our own expansion.

During this shared experience we will be raising questions, challenging beliefs, inspiring the breakdown of barriers.

What if we all shared the same privileges? What if we all shared the same liberty? Who would we be if the shackles were removed, and we were empowered and elevated into who we were born to be?

Join us as we explore modern day mental slavery, portrayed as the day-to-day roles we’re all playing but shouldn’t be claiming.

To conform in order to have acceptance and security, or to UNMASK to maintain a better sense of self. Where to from here?

**Suitable for all ages however please be aware this performance contains swearing, adult themes, strobe lighting and smoke/haze.**