The Mikado

7.30pm & 2pm (2pm 4 & 11 May Only)
$19.90 - $59.90
The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of WA Inc.
The Mikado
Get your sushi and sake on and join us for a gala occasion of hilarious comedy when The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA presents the musical comedy maestros’ most loved show, The Mikado at the Dolphin Theatre in May.
This wickedly romantic comedy sees young and old lovers alike pursue each other as they try to avoid ending up on the Lord High Executioner’s black list. It is a hard thing to do as the Emperor of Japan, the Mikado himself, has just banned flirting throughout the land. On the pain of death!
Mayhem and murderous intent abound when the son of the Emperor, Nanki-Poo, disguised as a “wandering minstrel” falls in love with one of the “three little maids”, Yum-Yum, while being pursued relentlessly by the besotted arch-courtesan, Katisha. Meanwhile, back at the Lord High Executioner’s Official Residence, under imperial orders to carry out a decapitation or two, Ko-Ko is gleefully putting together a list of those “who will not be missed”.
Directed by Paul Treasure, a cast of thirty and a live orchestra, under the direction of Georg Corall, this sumptuous production is a visual and musical feast. Gilbert’s wicked humour and Sullivan’s beautiful tunes will have you laughing from start to finish humming long after you leave the theatre. 
A ‘bucket list’ priority since it premiered in 1885, you have to see The Mikado at least once before you die. And once seen, you will want to see it again. So, go on, put it on your list, before Ko-Ko puts you on his!