The Kung Fu Pandalorian

30 September - 2 October, 7pm
Duration: 2 hrs, including one interval of 20 mins
Tickets: $19 to $25 including concession, student, and group prices
For specific access and seating requirements, including wheelchair tickets, please contact TicketsWA on or 08 6488 2440, 12 - 4pm weekdays.
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UWA Pantomime Society
The Kung Fu Pandalorian

Many years ago, the Furious Five defended The Valley of Deace as its fierce protectors and beloved champions, but everything changed when the imperials attacked. Emperor Kai Lung struck with forces so powerful that the Dragon Warrior himself was slain, leaving the Five beaten and scattered. He built his new throne upon the ruins of the Jade Palace, and immediately began the construction of the deadliest weapon in the galaxy...

In a land devoid of heroes, a lone armoured panda with a helmet and a gun accepts a bounty to retrieve a package that proves to be something more valuable than he could have imagined. This mission leads the Pandalorian to join forces with heroes old and new to form a new Furious Five and take the fight to the Emperor himself. But what does the Empire want with the package? Who is the mysterious Pandalorian? And who really shot first? Find out in this thrilling, action-packed tale of innocence, betrayal, noodles and being kicked in the face by a goddamn panda.

Contains adult themes. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age.

All performances will be recorded, edited, and made available on our YouTube channel. No flash photography and recording devices and phones must be switched off.

Audience members are encouraged to heckle the actors, but please refrain from heckling during fight scenes.