Generic YA Dystopia

1-3 June 7:30pm
1hr 35m including 20m interval
Tickets $24 to $30
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The UWA Pantomime Society presents
Generic YA Dystopia

She's not like other pantos

Supernova Metalrose has been declared the Chosen One, destined to overthrow the evil Overlord that rules her Dystopian world with an iron fist. But when Nova, her best friend El and her two hot love interests fall into an alternate dimension, she will set out on a desperate quest to return home and reclaim her status as the main character. Nova must cross the four realms of YA Fiction, fighting zombies, werewolves and vampires, meeting horny fanfic writers, and eventually, learning the truth about her world.

Please note: this event is suitable for ages 15+ and contains swearing, adult themes and strobe lighting effects.