BOOM: A Failure Story

15 - 18 September
2h, including one interval of 15m
Tickets from $20
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The University Dramatic Society
BOOM: A Failure Story

A merchandise store at the foot of an active volcano. Wait, you’re telling me no one’s thought of that yet?

Aaliyah’s desperate for a win. Just one. So, when news of the eruption of Mt. Liguano hits, she senses opportunity. And surprisingly, thanks to the help of her hapless sidekick Marlo, and an eclectic set of employees, things seem like they might actually work out.

So why does Aaliyah still feel like a complete failure?

‘BOOM: a failure story’ is a slightly absurd dramedy about failing at being who you think you should be, and how that’s not the end of the world.


Contains coarse language, sudden loud noises, and use of haze machine.