Providing a Safe Venue

As West Australians enjoy the eased restrictions across our State, we look forward to welcoming you back into the venues at the University of Western Australia. University Theatres has taken precautions to ensure we provide a safe environment for our community to connect and enjoy a shared experience at UWA. 


This Plan is founded on the following principles, to which University Theatres is committed:
• Our Clients can expect University Theatres to provide a safe environment.
• Our Staff have the right to work in a safe environment.
• Everyone should have the right to enact the mitigations that they need to feel safe.
• Good safety standards can only be achieved in a respectful and cooperative partnership between the Client and the venue.
• Provided your actions do not infringe on another’s personal right to be safe, and remain legal, we respect your right to make decisions about your personal attitude to risk.

These control measures ensure the safety and comfort of Staff, Clients and patrons.


Education and Training
All Front of House and Back of House Staff have completed the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course. Front of House Managers and administration staff have completed the Hygiene Officer level. 
All Staff will be sent a copy of this COVID plan to read prior to their shift and copies will be made available at the office and in each venue.

Patron declaration
Patrons purchasing tickets will declare, on behalf of all members of their group that they have not: 
• Travelled nationally or internationally in the 14 days prior to the event
• Flu/cold symptoms including a sore throat, fever or cough in the 14 days prior to the event
• Come into contact with any confirmed cases or possible cases in the 14 days prior to the event

For non-ticketed events, this messaging will be included in all pre-event communications, and signage to this effect will be on display.

Contact Tracing: 
We comply with State contact tracing requirements. We provide both the SafeWA app codes for each venue, and a paper slip alternative.
Patrons at reserved seating events will provide their details at purchase. Attendee changes will be captured with the SafeWA app or paper slips. 
Patrons at unreserved events, or events with no seating will use the SafeWA app or complete a paper slip.
Paper slips will be stored securely and destroyed after 28 days.

We’re cleaning frequently with hospital-grade disinfectants, and high-touch items are sanitised before, during and after each performance. Staff have access to all the necessary items, including PPE. 
• Hand sanitiser and tissues are available at several locations, including dressing rooms, foyers and entries to the venue. 
• Bathrooms are stocked with hand wash and paper towels at all times. 

Changes to Front of House Operations
• Relevant signage has been installed throughout FoH areas.
• Bollards and social distance floor markers for queues in tight spaces.
• If possible, managing entry and exit to ensure one-way flow using additional entry & exit points and floor markers.
• Ensuring all patrons with access requirements can still attend the venue in a safe manner through personal contact prior to the performance.
• Foyer and auditorium doors kept open when audience is moving to minimise touching surfaces. 
• Allowing non-alcoholic drinks into the auditorium to reduce time spent by patrons in the potentially crowded foyer.
• Preferring card payment method.
• Single use paper menus in the bar.
• Removal of communal water dispensers. Water can be requested at the bar from a single use cup.
• Staff only to operate auditorium doors 
• No ticket ripping; ticket sighting or scanning only.
• Encouraging staff to directly feed back relevant issues to management.

Pre-event communication with patrons
Prior to attending the venue, all patrons will be sent an email with the following information:
• University Theatres will be taking precautions with COVID-19 and have instituted an increased cleaning and hygiene regime including:
 - Regular cleaning of all high touch surfaces 
 - Provision of hand sanitiser in the foyer areas and bathrooms
 - Socially distanced markers on the floor
 - Revised building entry and exit requirements
• The revised or preferred building entry or exit requirements specific to their performance, if required.
• The time the foyer and auditorium will open. 
• That the venue prefers cashless transactions. 
• That they can pre-order their interval drinks at the bar for contactless pick up
• Reminders of appropriate hygiene practices 
 - Covering their mouth/nose when they cough/sneeze with their elbow or a tissue 
 - Disposing of used tissues
 - Washing their hands with soap and water or alcohol based sanitiser 
• Patrons will be encouraged to download and register details in the SafeWA app. 
• Links to our updated refund policy and COVID-19 information will be included.

We will continue to be guided by the WA Government’s guidelines and will provide updates to this information.

Responding to Infection
Entry of all UWA staff, crew, performers and audience members will be documented and contact details provided to the relevant public health authorities if requested.
University Theatres will follow the cleaning instructions given in the Safe Work Australian document: Cleaning to prevent the spread of COVID-19 should any Staff or patrons be suspected or confirmed as having COVID 19. 

Contact the Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus Information Line 1800 020 080 or the healthdirect hotline 1800 022 222. You can also visit the Australian Government Department of Health website.

The situation will be closely monitored by the University of WA and University Theatres (who operate ticketsWA). Our highest priority is the safety of our visitors, students and staff. The University is following all Federal Government advice and are monitoring the situation to have appropriate measures based on their advice.