The Yeomen of the Guard

24 October - 2 November, 7.30pm & 2pm (2pm 26 October & 2 November)
Duration: 3 hours
$19.90 - $59.90
The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of WA
The Yeomen of the Guard
Gilbert and Sullivan considered The Yeomen of the Guard to be their favourite collaboration.  It is a classic “topsy-turvy” story with its own share of hilarity, confusion, drama and humour.
Jack Point, the jester, is in love with Elsie Maynard but she is drawn to the Errol Flynn-type swashbuckler, Colonel Fairfax.  Meanwhile the disgusting gaoler, Wilfred Shadbolt, tries his luck with the young and impressionable Phoebe, but she too is in love with Fairfax. Conspiracies abound along with a false escape and plots gone wrong.
The production is directed by Michael Brett who is already well known as a musical director.  The musical direction sees Georg Corall in his third appearance in this role for the Gilbert & Sullivan Society performing Sullivan’s most magnificent musical score.  All of this is with orchestra and colourful period dress. 
This is a treat not to be missed.
Dolphin Theatre, Thursday October 24 – Saturday Nov 2.