One Last Deal

10 - 16 December
1h 35m
$10 - $19
Gates at 6pm, film at 8pm
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Perth Festival Lotterywest Films
One Last Deal

A gorgeously well-crafted, witty and honest tearjerker about making good on your promises.

Elderly art dealer Olavi is very much set in his ways. Facing retirement, he has one last chance to make some serious money and reconnect with his estranged family. When his expert eye spies an oil portrait of Christ coming up for auction, he believes it is actually by Russian master Ilya Repin. This could be his big break – but Olavi must face both the auction house and his own past mistakes.

Director Klaus Härö
Cast Heikki Nousiainen, Pirjo Lonka, Amos Brotherus
Duration 95mins, CTC

Finnish with English subtitles

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