El Presidente Minisculo

5 - 6 & 8 - 13 October, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2pm
Ages: 4 - 12
Free! Register on arrival, places are limited!
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Free Outdoor Performance
El Presidente Minisculo
Presented by The Masters of Hooey
El Presidente Minisculo, when kids rule!
After a big success last year, the Masters of Hooey return for the 2019 AWESOME Festival. After designing a new flag and writing their presidential decree, one child becomes El Presidente Minisculo of the Festival and is treated with all the pomp and ceremony they deserve. Their Presidential motorcade (pulled by two grown-ups in splendid regalia) winds its way through the festival grounds. With much fanfare, their decree is read aloud and their word is law… until they are overthrown by the newest El Presidente. 
It’s big, bold and beautiful…so it is decreed!
Missed the session? Join the decree/flag making activity from 10am – 3pm! 
El Presidente Minisculo will be at the Perth Cultural Centre on October 5 - 6 & 8 - 11. They will continue their reign at the University of WA on October 12 - 13.
Artist: Created by Sam Longley for The Masters of Hooey
Place of Origin: Western Australia