23 December, 1pm & 7pm
For wheelchair accessible seats and group bookings of 10+ please call 6488 2440 Monday to Friday, 12pm to 4pm.
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WA Children's Theatre

iDifferent is the touching story of robot 229 and his quest to find his purpose. In the busy robot factory, all the robots have their jobs but robot 229 is trying desperately to find what he has to offer the factory! But he just simply does not seem to fit in any box. Anton the Factory supervisor tells him to jump into the box and be labelled but robot 229 wants to follow his dreams and find his passion! Frustrated with him Anton bans him from the factory, which leads robot 229 on a journey and a date with destiny. 

This is a ‘mini musical’ that lasts around 50 minutes. All the cast members are under the age of 16. The story was written in Western Australia and especially for creative children. 

7pm show SOLD OUT! Tickets now available for 1pm performance.