Personal Shopper

20 - 26 February, 8pm
105m, CTC
Adult $18. Friends $16. Concession $17. Student $13.50. Standard 12-ticket pack ($183.60). Friends 12-ticket pack ($175.20). 6-ticket pack ($97.20). Lotto player 6-ticket pack ($91.80).
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LotteryWest Film Season
Personal Shopper

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Maureen is a young, smart yet isolated American in Paris, where she buys clothes for a fashion-world celebrity whom she seldom meets. She is also a spirit medium attempting to connect with her deceased twin brother and becoming increasingly spooked by messages that urge her towards a ghostly confrontation. With her intense emotion bubbling under a cool exterior, Kristen Stewart is compelling as lonely millennial Maureen in this cocktail of ghost yarn and sly satire on haute couture. Personal Shopper is a highly distinctive film and was joint-winner (with Graduation) of the Best Director award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

‘Kristen Stewart has become one hell of an actress.’ - Time Out

To buy tickets go to Perth International Arts Festival's online box office.