Rade Serbedzija: I Have a Song For You

$75 to $85
For wheelchair accessible seats and group bookings of 10+ please call 6488 2440 Monday to Friday, 12pm to 4pm.
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u-next Entertainment presents
Rade Serbedzija: I Have a Song For You

Featuring Miroslav Tadic

Two world-class artists, reunited for one special performance in their first Australian and New Zealand tour.

After European and North American tours, these renowned artists are arriving to the Australian continent for the first time to perform in live concert. Promising an unforgettable night for dreamers, romantics and poetry lovers. Rade Serbedzija recounts stories of his life experiences and recites poetry to the backdrop of the light guitar music provided by Miroslav Tadic. 

Rade Šerbedžija is a distinguished actor, director, and musician. He is one of the most popular European actors of all time and is known for his many roles in Hollywood movies. Rade Šerbedžija is also a well-recognized musician and poet, performing all over the world. 

Miroslav Tadić, is one of the world’s best guitarists, composer, improviser and music educator of Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian origins. He performs regularly in Europe, Japan and the United States and made over 30 CDs for numerous labels. Tadić teaches guitar, improvisation, and Balkan Music at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.