Dom Mckee for MP

7:30pm, 9 - 12 May. 2pm matinee 12 May.
2h with one interval of 20m
$15 - $25
For wheelchair accessible seats and group bookings of 10+ please call 6488 2440 Monday to Friday, 12pm to 4pm.
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The University Dramatic Society presents
Dom Mckee for MP

The University Dramatic Society is proud to present its centenary year comedy musical, Dom Mckee for MP.

Australia, 1961. The town of Wolobolee lies in the middle of the Australian desert, vastly isolated and obscenely wealthy. Disillusioned by its lethargy, local retiree Dom Mckee sets about changing things for the better, but gets himself in hot water when he accidentally accuses the government of being infiltrated by Communists. Unfortunately it’s easier to tell a fib than to come clean.

Media viper Vicky Smethick runs with Dom’s lie and whips the idiotic Australian public into a frenzy. Before he can backtrack, the whole farce has tangled up a catchphrase spouting politician, an out of work actor, and the nation’s geriatric prime minister. The people march on Canberra proclaiming their lord and saviour Dom Mckee. Knock-knock. Who’s that? It’s Mother Russia and Uncle Sam, they’ve heard about this little mess in Australia and it’s about time they got a piece of the action.

Featuring a cast of young performers and a ten piece band, Dom Mckee for MP pokes raucous fun at Australian parochialism, mob mentality, and silly Communist hats.

Written and Directed By Matthew Nixon
Music by Brock Stannard-Brown & Paris Ceg
Choreography by Noa Gubbay and Nina Willoughby

Please note this performance contains strobe lighting.