Barking Gecko Theatre Company's 'Bambert's Book of Lost Stories'

30 September - 1 October, 11am & 1.30pm
70m, no interval
For wheelchair accessible seats and group bookings of 10+ please call 6488 2440 Monday to Friday, 12pm to 4pm.
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Barking Gecko Theatre Company's 'Bambert's Book of Lost Stories'

If you would like to purchase tickets to both Slapdash Galaxy at the Dolphin Theatre and Bambert's Book of Lost Stories at the Octagon Theatre for the price of $22 per ticket, per show, please click here

Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories  is based on the 1998 German novella by Reinhardt Jung, it has been adapted for the stage by Dan Giovannoni and Luke Kerridge, and designed by Jonathon Oxlade, whose intricate, two-tiered set becomes a playground for the imagination. The team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked and played in children’s theatre for many years. Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories has been described as visually stunning, sumptuous, and superbly crafted. 

The show is performed by an ensemble of Perth’s finest actors, helmed by Igor Sas, who plays our narrator, Mr Bloom.

Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories is a story about Bambert - an impossibly small man with an enormous love for writing. Tucked away in his quiet attic, Bambert’s only companions are the characters he has created in his stories. And then one day, Bambert decides to set his stories free, to send them out to the world on little balloons, in the hope they will find a home. The stories contain instructions: whoever finds them is to return them to Bambert with a stamp from wherever they have landed, so he know where they should be set. 

In time, the stories return, marked with stamps from across the globe, and they burst to life before his (and the audiences) eyes. It isn’t long before the audience discovers that Bambert’s letters may not have gone as far as he thinks, and that Mr. Bloom, his kindly neighbor and our gentle narrator, may be helping Bambert’s wishes to come true. 

And this is the heart of Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories – as ultimately it is a story of friendship and empathy, of overcoming isolation, and most importantly, of hope. It is also a story about stories – about why we tell them and how they help us to make sense of the most challenging aspects of life, whether that is out in the world, or in our own hearts. 



Barking Gecko Theatre Company inspires audiences of all ages to embrace a creative life full of curiosity, empathy and play. We have built a reputation for our immaculate theatre for children and young people. Our mission is to be a locally cherished, nationally significant theatre company that creates transformational theatre for audiences of all ages. We make award-winning theatre, superbly produced, for WA children and audiences around the world. Not bad for a company based in the world’s most remote city.

Please note: This performance is recommended for children aged 8+.